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Full-service Design and Construction

Our expertise allows us to holistically manage any residential design project or stage in the design process: from finding an ideal property, to designing one space or the entire home, to bringing the design to fruition with skilled builders and craftspeople. 

Our process begins with a consultation and on-site visit to understand the client's functional needs and aesthetic sensibility. From there, we create custom floorplans, concept boards, timelines, sourcing inventories, and renderings to give our clients confidence and direction throughout the process. Every project is unique and requires an individualized process. 

Cost:   $450, initial consultation. Further pricing will be project-specific.

Luxury Mansion Interior

Pick Our Brains: Single Design Consultation

Not sure where to begin? You may have lots of ideas or images saved on Instagram, but you may not know how all the pieces fit together, or how to get from A to Z. 

During a two-hour in-home consultation, we’ll go over your ideas, inspiration and budget. You can pick our brains on anything from room layout, lighting, paint colors and design styles, to what's typically involved in renovating a kitchen or bathroom, or updates that will add value to your home before selling.


We will provide a write-up of our discussion and a list of suggestions on how to move forward. This process will help you to plan before you invest significant time and money into a major renovation or redesign. 

Cost:    $300, two hours with designer

            $450, two hours with designer and contractor 

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