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Our philosophy is to design intentional, long-lasting spaces that honor the character of the building and the needs of those who live there. 

Our approach is to work with clients at any or every point throughout the design process - choosing, designing, constructing, and furnishing a space or home. Because designing and renovating can be overwhelming for homeowners, we will guide you step-by-step through this process. We are collaborative, flexible and comfortable with a variety of design aesthetics.  

Our name borrows from the prospect-refuge theory, which holds that people are drawn to environments that are a balance of safety and comfort (the refuge), as well as exploration and opportunity (the prospect): a comfortable bench positioned to observe the sunset; a grotto looking out toward the ocean; a picturesque window framing mature oak trees. 


We all have been in spaces that make us feel something special. What is it about those spaces? What keeps us coming back, longing to spend more time there? We might think, what can I do to capture this feeling in my own space? Prospect Design Build creates spaces that embody both the coziness of home and the joy and intrigue of a space you really admire and can grow into.  

We are based in Tampa, Florida, but currently are working on projects in Denver, Jackson Hole, and other cities throughout the U.S. Prospect Design Build is a Woman-Owned Small Business. 

General Contractor | Co-founder

Thais Eslick


Informed by her native Fortaleza, Brasil, Thais gravitates toward a warm modernism and internationalist aesthetic. She has nearly ten years of experience in restoring historic homes with an approach that is equal parts functional for modern living and aesthetically appreciative of a home's history. Thais's background in architecture, real estate and construction inform both the form and function of every design that we create. 

She has lived in Brasil, New York and Colorado, but has called Tampa home for many years, and is a longtime resident of Seminole Heights. When Thais isn't working, you can find her in the garden or reading a book in the hammock. 

Design Principal | Co-founder

Elizabeth Kancilia


Educated at Colorado College and Cornell University, Elizabeth's diverse educational and career experience contribute to her passion for context-specific and sustainable design. Her urban planning background infuses her work with an emphasis on research to understand the context and history of a space and the needs of the people who use it. Elizabeth's design process starts with three questions: What is the best design for this client? For this space? How can we ensure that our design is lasting? 

She has lived in Colorado, New York and Amsterdam, before circling back to her home state of Florida where she enjoying learning about the Tampa Bay area.  

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