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Good design is for everyone. 

Prospect Design Build is committed to helping homeowners achieve livable and beautiful homes that they can enjoy for years to come. While we are strong proponents of home restoration and beautification, we are also well aware of the role that these efforts can play in the gentrification of neighborhoods and in applying increased pressure on longtime residents, who may struggle to remain in their homes.


Every family deserves to live in a home that is beautiful, maintained, and that meets their needs. We know that homeownership helps build personal wealth and provide stability for families, but that household upkeep and renovations can be prohibitively expensive for many. No homeowner should have to leave their home or sell for less than it's worth because they cannot afford needed updates. 


To this end, our clients have the opportunity to donate to our Neighbors Supporting Neighbors Initiative, which works with local homeowners to update their homes. From $100 to $5000, every donated dollar is put toward a Tampa family's household maintenance or beautification project. 

How it works: 

Homeowners in need of assistance can apply by emailing We will email an application and schedule an interview. Project selection is based on assessment of need and available funds.  

Donations can be made at any time. Please email or call for more information.

Examples of projects: 

|  Replacement of knob-and-tube wiring

|  Updated plumbing

|  Partial or full bathroom or kitchen renovations

|  Patching or replacing a roof 

|  Painting 

|  Foundation repair

|  Home improvement and valuation assessment


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